State House Roundup by Sue Ford

Dear Friend,

Phil Spagnuolo’s special election in Laconia is TOMORROW, FEBRUARY 27th!

Phil Spagnuolo has been involved in Laconia’s community since moving there in 1979 with his family. He is a founding member of Navigating Recovery, working as part of the grassroots community group since March 2016, and has been a full time Recovery Support Worker since January 2017. Phil is passionate about being an advocate for those suffering from substance use disorder and uses his own journey of recovery to help others.

Let’s work together in these final two days to Get Out the Vote by making calls and knocking doors.

Last year, we won 8 out of 10 special elections because Democrats have put in the work and made sure that those few votes that decided the election went our way. Let’s make sure we kick off 2018 with yet another special election win by electing Phil as our next State Representative!

Click HERE to sign up to help out by knocking doors or making calls. Email McKenzie St. Germain at email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions.

Please continue to use this regular newsletter as a tool for your local committee meetings or as a supplement to your own regular newsletter.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Sue Ford                                                                  Sarah Guggenheimer
NHDP Grassroots Chair                                           Communications Associate,
Fmr. House Democratic Floor Leader                      NHDP
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Nick Taylor                                                                 Erin Turmelle
Director, House and Senate Democrats                    Political Director, NHDP
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Action Alert

Town Meeting Day

March 13th is Town Meeting Day in New Hampshire! This year, the NHDP has worked with Town and County Committees to recruit and elect Democrats to run for local office. 2017 proved that every district can be competitive. Change starts at the local level.

Let’s make sure that we have a successful Town Meeting Day and elect an incredible slate of Democrats!

To get involved or if you’re interested in volunteering for your local candidates – reach out to Erin Turmelle at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Call Governor Sununu

The State Legislature is on break this week, but you can still take action by calling Governor Sununu (603-271-2121) and holding him accountable for his actions (or lack thereof) on the following issues:
Gun safety legislation – In the wake of the Parkland shooting, Sununu has refused overwhelming calls to pass gun safety legislation, calling them a “gut reaction.” This NRA  “A”-rated Governor made his first legislative priority passing concealed carry in New Hampshire.
HB 372 – After initially saying he “hated” this bill, Sununu has walked back and moderated his stance, sending a clear signal to New Hampshire Republicans that he’ll ultimately support this modern-day poll tax that will disenfranchise legal college voters.
SB 193 – This unconstitutional school voucher bill would divert public funds to unregulated schools like the Tri-City Christian Academy, which just last year banned a student (who was on track to be valedictorian) for being transgender and create a segregated school system.
Gay Conversion Therapy Ban – This bill passed the New Hampshire House with overwhelming Democratic support, while 90% of the Republican caucus opposed the measure that would keep minors from being subjected to traumatizing conversion therapy. Governor Sununu has given a tacit endorsement of the proposal but hasn’t done anything to actively support this incredibly important piece of legislation.
State Workers’ Contract – It’s been over 240 days since Governor Sununu walked away from negotiations with New Hampshire’s State Workers, forcing thousands of employees to go to work with shoddy supplies for a governor they know doesn’t support them.

Be sure to call your State Representative and Governor Sununu’s office (603-271-2121) directly, to register your opinions on these important issues. If you’d like to attend one of these hearings or find out when the next session will take place, email Sue Ford (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Legislative Review

This week, with Governor Sununu’s approval, the Republican-led House Committee on Public Works and Highways removed commuter rail from New Hampshire’s 10-year transportation plan. In recent months, Governor Sununu has flipped, flopped, and flipped on the issue, calling it a “boondoggle” before supporting it in the hope that it would inspire Amazon to come to New Hampshire. After Amazon’s rejection of New Hampshire’s bid, Sununu walked back his support, saying “it’s in the legislature’s hands” and Republican Representative Al Baldasaro told WMUR that Sununu “won’t lose sleep over it because he’s got other priorities.”

Governor Sununu has changed his position on commuter rail so many times, it’s a wonder he knows where he ultimately stands on the issue. Instead of doing any research into the project in the first place or listening to the small businesses or mayors who support rail, Sununu stumbled along for years spouting partisan talking points regardless of what his constituents wanted.

New Hampshire deserves a governor who will invest in our economic future and listen to the small businesses that make up the backbone of our state’s economy, not one who toes the party line at all costs. Come November, voters will be sure to remember this betrayal in the voting booths.

Platform Committee

In the coming weeks, the NHDP Platform Committee will be holding meetings across the state to prepare and propose the New Hampshire Democratic Party Platform for 2018-2019 to the State Convention.

We’ll keep you updated with the times, dates, and locations of these meetings.

If you would like more information on the Platform Committee, please refer to the NHDP Constitution HERE.

Upcoming Events

This winter and upcoming spring, the NHDP staff is hitting the road for thirteen County Summits that will be packed with trainings and discussions relevant to strategic planning for 2018 elections! With more than 50% of statewide local committee officers being new members this year we are traveling the state to provide the training and organizing skills that will lay the foundation for success in 2018. We have the momentum, we are fine tuning our skills, and we are building our capacity in every town and county. Please add the following dates to your calendar and RSVP to join us at your county summit!
Hillsborough County
Was rescheduled from last Sunday due to weather, new date to be announced soon.
Click HERE to RSVP
Grafton (Upper Valley/Mascoma) – March 10, 10AM – 3:30PM
(Upper Valley Senior Center, 10 Campbell St, Lebanon, NH 03766)
Click HERE to RSVP
Nashua – March 17 10AM – 2PM
(Nashua Public Library, 2 Court St, Nashua, NH 03060)
Click HERE to RSVP
Sullivan CountyApril 14
Click HERE to RSVP
Merrimack CountyApril 21, 10AM – 2PM
(New Hampshire Democratic Party – 105 N State St, Concord, NH 03301)
Click HERE to RSVP
Locations and times to follow.

Sununu Reality Check

Sununu Reality Check: Sununu puts his NRA A-rating over the safety for New Hampshire

Today, Governor Sununu introduced a “school safety” task force, but in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Sununu forgot about one big thing…

He forgot to mention guns even once.

Read about the reality of Governor Sununu’s history on guns on


Follow Sununu Reality Check on TwitterFacebook, and check out our website ( to get updates on how we’re holding Sununu accountable.

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Get Involved

We are going to need all hands-on-deck in 2018.  If you’d like to get involved, please let us know.  There are many ways to help out!  You can volunteer to write letters to your local paper, call your local representatives, testify at hearings, or share posts on social media.