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Thank you to the THOUSANDS of people who made it out to one of the many March for Our Lives across the state. It was inspiring to see so many Granite Staters, young and old, standing up to demand action on guns especially given the New Hampshire Republican’s refusal to pass even the most moderate gun safety legislation to keep our students safe.

The enthusiasm on Saturday and at the President Trump protest and Vice PresidentMike Pence protest  are a testament to just how powerful our voices can be when we organize and speak out together. Let’s make sure we continue this momentum as we use our voices to vote Republicans out of office in November!

Check out some pictures from this Saturday in the Social Media Buzz section below.

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Sue Ford                                                                  Sarah Guggenheimer
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Fmr. House Democratic Floor Leader                      NHDP
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Nick Taylor                                                                 Erin Turmelle
Director, House and Senate Democrats                    Political Director, NHDP
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Priority Hearings

This week marks the beginning of the crossover period in the State Legislature. All bills that were introduced in one chamber have been voted on and given to the other. This week is relatively quiet as a result. Things will begin to heat up once more next week.

Medicaid Expansion

Wednesday, March 28th, 2:00PM / Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs/ Room 205, Legislative Office Building

HOUSE- Health Human Services and Elderly Affairs- SB 313-FN, relative to reauthorizing Medicaid Expansion

Why this matters: The House HHS Committee will continue their hearings on the recently passed Senate Medicaid Expansion reauthorization proposal. In 2016, the reauthorization passed by only one vote in the House of Representatives. This program benefits over 50,000 Granite Staters and has proven to be one of our best tools fighting the opioid crisis.

ACTION: Call your State Representative to make sure they’re committed to reauthorizing the Medicaid Expansion so that none of the 50,000 Granite Staters how rely on this program lose their insurance. Find your State Representative’s information HERE.
Annulment of Marijuana Arrests

Tuesday, March 27th, 9:45AM / Judiciary / Room 100, State House

SENATE – Judiciary – SB 1477-FN, relative to annulment of arrests or convictions for possession of 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana, or less

Why this matters: After the State House decriminalized possession of 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana last year, this bill seeks to annul any arrests or charges of this crime that have previously taken place. This bill would help clear the criminal records for many Granite Staters who have, based on the current law, committed no crime.

Legislative Review

On Wednesday New Hampshire Republicans voted 14-9 along party lines to kill an amendment to SB 357 that would have allowed individual schools to ban guns. In turning down this amendment proposed by Democratic Senator Martha Hennessey, Senate Republicans let down the gallery full of high school students looking on along with the hundreds of students who signed a petition and students across the country who are fighting for common sense gun reform to prevent future tragedies.. Granite Staters from every corner of New Hampshire are standing up to NRA-bought Governor Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans who are putting political donations ahead of our safety.

Also this week, Democratic State Representatives were able to overturn a destructive amendment to the Paid Family and Medical Leave legislation and passed a clean, financially solvent bill onto the Senate. The Republican-proposed and Sununu-endorsed amendment would have effectively ruined the program, but thanks to a Democratic-led bipartisan coalition, New Hampshire is one step closer to an established Paid Family and Medical Leave program.

Platform Committee

We need your help. Over the next few months, the New Hampshire Democratic Party Platform Committee will travel around the State to hear from you on the content of our 2018 Platform. We are charged with building a Platform that finds the common ground among us, and helps make the case for why Democrats, Independents, and Republicans – our friends and neighbors – should support the Democratic vision for moving New Hampshire forward. The Platform is a statement of our principles and a direct appeal people of New Hampshire.

In an effort to hear from as many democrats as possible, the Committee has scheduled hearings across the state.

March 26 at 6:45pm, Upper Valley Senior Center, Lebanon (Grafton)
March 27 at 7pm, Moody Bldg., Conference Rm. 24, Tremont Sq., Claremont (Sullivan)
April 2 at 7pm, Nashua Public Library, 2 Court St., Nashua (Hillsborough)
April 3 at 6pm, 49 Community Way, Keene (Cheshire)
April 7 at 10am, Senior Center, 77 Riverglen Lane, Littleton (Northern Grafton)
April 7 at 6pm, Chinburg Mill, 431 Central Ave., Dover (Strafford)
April 9 at 7pm, Daniel Webster Room, Exeter Inn, 90 Front St., Exeter (Rockingham)
April 11 at 6pm, Laconia Public Library, 695 N Main St, Laconia, NH (Belknap)
April 14 at 10am, Manchester Public Library, 405 Pine St, Manchester, NH
April 20 at 5:30pm, Hope Recovery Center, 823 Main St, Berlin, NH (Coos)

Here is the current NHDP Party Platform for your review. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

County Summits

This winter and upcoming spring, the NHDP staff is hitting the road for thirteen County Summits that will be packed with trainings and discussions relevant to strategic planning for 2018 elections! With more than 50% of statewide local committee officers being new members this year we are traveling the state to provide the training and organizing skills that will lay the foundation for success in 2018. We have the momentum, we are fine tuning our skills, and we are building our capacity in every town and county. Please add the following dates to your calendar and RSVP to join us at your county summit!

Sullivan CountyApril 7, 10AM – 2PM
(Grantham Town Hall, 300 NH-10, Grantham, NH 03753)
Click HERE to RSVP

Merrimack CountyApril 21, 10AM – 2PM
(New Hampshire Democratic Party – 105 N State St, Concord, NH 03301)
Click HERE to RSVP

Hillsborough County – April 22, 1PM – 5PM
(Greenfield Meeting House – 775 Forest Rd, Greenfield, NH 03047)
Click HERE to RSVP

Locations and times to follow.

Sununu Reality Check

Governor Sununu has let down New Hampshire on so many counts that it’s sometimes hard to decide which is the worst. To help with that, we put together a “Sununu Madness” bracket competition.

We’re down to the Final Four and we’ll offer the chance to vote on the matchups on Twitter, so make sure to follow @SununuReality this week!

Follow Sununu Reality Check on TwitterFacebook, and check out our website ( to get updates on how we’re holding Sununu accountable.

2018 McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner!

Join us as we celebrate the hard fought victories of 2017, and look forward to the work of turning New Hampshire BLUE in 2018!

The 2018 McIntyre Shaheen 100 Club Dinner will be held on Saturday, April 14.

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Get Involved

We are going to need all hands-on-deck in 2018.  If you’d like to get involved, please let us know.  There are many ways to help out!  You can volunteer to write letters to your local paper, call your local representatives, testify at hearings, or share posts on social media.