Cheshire District 12: Richmond, Swanzey – 2 reps
Cheshire Floterial District 15: Marlborough, Richmond, Swanzey, Troy, Winchester – 1 rep

Town Officers as of May 2017 are as follows:

Chair – Carol Leger – cleger@keene.edu
Vice Chair 
Treasurer – Jennifer Gomarlo-Jennie.gomarlo@gmail.com
Secretary – Jennifer Gomarlo-Jennie.gomarlo@gmail.com
At-Large – Michael Gomarlo, Mary Ann Bachmann, Miguel Picano

Upcoming Meetings:

Wednesday Sept 20th 4pm at Whitcomb Hall in Swanzey
Saturday Oct 21st 4pm at Whitcomb Hall in Swanzey
Wednesday Dec 20th 4pm at Whitcomb Hall in Swanzey

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