Unity Refrom Commission

NHDP State Committee Members:
I’m writing to remind you of the NHDP State Committee meeting next Tuesday, January 30 for the sole purpose of receiving a briefing on the recently-released DNC Unity Reform Commission report.
We are excited to announce that Nomiki Konst, a member of the DNC Unity Reform Commission, will be at the meeting to brief the State Committee on the report and the progress being made.
Nomi is an investigative reporter. In 2016, she served on the DNC’s Platform Committee and as a national surrogate for the Bernie Sanders for President campaign. Previously, she was a surrogate for Draft Biden. She served on the DNC Unity Reform Commission as a Sanders appointee.
Our DNC Committeewoman Kathy Sullivan will also provide a report of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in last week in Washington, DC.

Please join us at the NHDP headquarters (105 North State Street in Concord) at 6 pm on Tuesday, January 30 for this briefing. Note: the State of the Union begins at 9 pm that evening, so we will end no later than 8 pm to ensure everyone can travel home or to their Democratic Committee’s house party to watch!
State Committee Members may RSVP here or by replying to this email.
Guests may RSVP here. All registered NH Democrats may attend, though due to space, seating preference will be given to State Committee members.