Thank You from the Cheshire County Democratic Chair

“Thanks to all Democrats in Cheshire County for your extraordinary effort in this election cycle.  You have not only turned in record numbers to vote, but also signed up to be election observers, to canvass every weekend, phonebank, and then join the GOTV in the final days. Your effort ensured that we re-elected Senator Hassan, Congresswoman Annie Kuster, Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington, elected Donovan Fenton for Senate district 10, and maintained the strong presence in County Administration, and in the State House.  Congratulations to all winners and sincere thanks to all candidates who ran fighting campaigns in Gerrymandered districts, and against incumbent republicans.

With your continued support, Cheshire County Democrats, and town committees will help in organizing in every town to strengthen us for the 2024 election.

Our next monthly meeting will be on February 7th, 2023

Thanks again for your support and your vote for the Democrats.”

Mohammad Salah

Cheshire County Democrats Chair

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Cheshire County Democrats Gather Monthly

Each month we welcome topic speakers, and hear reports from our local representatives and committee members. Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom. Sign up on Mobilize.

Cheshire County Democrats in Action

Natalie Quevedo – Newly Elected Selectman in Winchester

Natalie Quevedo – Newly Elected Selectman in Winchester

Natalie Quevedo believes that people in her town needed accessibility to be part of the community and took action in her Winchester town by live-streaming town meetings. This has lead to her move from advocate to Selectman with the 2022 election. Cheshire County...

Fridays for the Future Climate Strike held in Jaffrey, NH

Fridays for the Future Climate Strike held in Jaffrey, NH

Gerald Burns shares his thoughts about Fridays for the Future Climate Strike held in Jaffery, NH. Have you happened to pass through Jaffrey on a Friday morning recently? Noticed a group of people, young and old and in-between, clustered on the main intersection in...

Voting Rights Action in Keene

Voting Rights Action in Keene

Local citizens and Cheshire County Democrats assembled on Sunday, January 16th to voice our belief to the community and our legislators that voting rights and redistricting in a fair way are important to Granite Staters. And, we were lucky to have Team Hasan with us...

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