CCD Meeting notes 2.6.18


Call to order 7:00


Tova Yampolsky-Annie Kuster’s representative. Big year for congress, which we will flip. Annie is running for her 4th term. She would like to connect with as many people as possible. Upcoming fundraising events for Annie will be 2/25. She will send us the details. They are ramping up their field operations and looking forward to having many of us involved.

Speaker- Joe Schapiro (Keene Immigration and Refugee Partnership) they have 12 members who are active. This is an immigrants right group. They are a year old and their mission is to make the region safe and welcoming to immigrants. Assessing the needs of local immigrants, and bringing more diversity to the region by bringing more immigrants to the area.

They have focused on community awareness (posters, lawn signs, they sponsored several forums). They are bringing immigrants rights to the forefront. (There are over 20 countries represented at Franklin school alone).

They are trying to create immigrant friendly law enforcement. Promoting humane policing towards undocumented people and fostering this attitude among all city workers. The Sheriff has set such a policy.

They helped to plan the Faith & Humanity Event with Mohammed as well.

They are looking to grow their membership.

Upcoming agenda-Specific policy to protect both the immigrants and the Keene police. Research into sponsoring a family being brought to Keene. They feel that the churches and service organizations would support this as well.   There is a big need for legal consultation.

NH Immigrations rights networks that will help to educate elected officials to vote to defend and aid immigrants. Helping with an educational component that Cheshire Historical Society is producing. They meet the second Sunday of the month and the 4th Thursday of the month.

Report from NHDP- Wyatt Ronan Communications Director. ( Summit on Saturday 10-2. Explanation of agenda. Strategic plan for 2018. This will be useful for everyone.

Town elections are coming up as well as meeting days. Please try to get to these meetings to support all the Dems who are running for office.

Sununu Reality check website-holds him accountable for all of the things he says he will do but does not follow through on. They are focusing on five key issues. Kitchen table issues-Economy heath, ethics, education and environment. Use the hash tag for their posts #Sununu reality check. It is a living book of these five topics.

Upcoming Legislation- re-vote on conversion therapy. They are reconsidering this bill. Edelbut’s wife is promoting this heavily.

A lot of money is coming in for sb133 from the Koch brothers. They tried to make up for the $ that will be taken away by this bill.

Jay K-This is an unconstitutional bill as it is written as well as being segregationist. They are not sure where all the $ is coming from for this. Is it new, or an allocation from somewhere else. (Charter schools and parochial schools are really going after this $). 56K students could qualify; this is a third of total enrollment in our state. In a 12-year period this could reach 167 million

Long-term focus.

Economy and how it is shaping up under Sununu. Job numbers lost jobs in 2017 (On of two states to do so). He did not invest in work force training. His tax cut also impeded growth.

Jay Kahn- He is also ducking on the environment and voter suppression.

NHDP is suing the state on SB#, voter suppression bill, also sb372 which Sununu said he would not support, but he has crept back to supporting this.

Discussion on getting appropriate information out to the media.

Reports from Elected Officials.

Jay Kahn State, Senator-Jim Swozey (?) from Cheshire Med Emergency worked with Jay and they have two Separating duties on one-person appointment creating independence. Emergency protocol to enact rules from the 13-member board.

Concurrent enrollment with HS and College, “running start”. He is pushing this against the resistant of the community colleges. Licensure of nurses, National movement to try and eliminate all licensure. We cannot find the therapists we need but they cannot blur the lines. Military recruitment in HS, net neutrality and Marci’s law all issues he is hearing about. 13 co-sponsors on the death bill.

Terry Clark, Keene City Council – Keene City council authorized 1.3 megawatts of solar power on top of (??Address) by the end of the year. Also a Monadnock energy hub is being formed. You can join the MPA committee on this topic on 2/15 at 6:00 in the SWCS Community Room.

Reports from town chairs –

Maggie Rice for Keene -Event on 2/19 join them for “Not my presidents day” at Mi Jalisco at 6:30.

Heather Stockwell for Dublin – Largest attendance. Both reps came for a legislative review. They have a candidate for Cheshire 14. They will be inviting all for the march 25th event.

Bob Englund for Stoddard – They will host John Delaney sat 6/16 at Lake Falls Lodge. Steve Marchand will be there as well.

Please let towns know that we are here to provide help to any new town committees.

Report for progressive groups

MPA. Showing of Shadows Fall North will be an event that they are holding in Hancock on 2/13

Human Library at Keene State 2/13-14 11:00-8:00 Form a

Mindy Mesmer (CD1) will be in Keene 2/26. Speaking about the cancer cluster and how they identified this cluster   4:00 at Centennial Hall.

Rights and Democracy canvasses on 11, 18 ,25 in the AM. For Phil Spangullo in Laconia.

Secretary’s report- Posted

Treasures Report- $8652. In checking.

Chinese New Year dinner 40.00 per person on the 17th at the Historical Society.

Committee reports-

Outreach   with Matt Hale. We will try to work with him to expand across the district 9 with Hillsborough County.

Recruiting Committee will start meeting next Monday at 6:00 at Chili’s on the 12th.   Carl and Lucy will be involved.

Communications-Nothing new

Spaghetti Dinner will be on May 19th at the Keene Country Club.