CCD Meeting Notes 6.5.18

CCD Meeting Notes 6.5.18


Call to order 6:00 PM

Introduction of guests

Guest Speaker-Dan Weeks Former candidate for Executive Council

Reports form elected officials:

Jay Kahn– Bill 365 (supports renewable energy), 446 (Raises net metering megawatts from one to 5 in four years, 577 (cuts super emitting fuels from being used, Making it more heavily regulated and Supporting renewable fuels) these are bills that are supporting renewable energy in stage. The Gov. may not sign these into office. He is supporting the granite green bridge.  It cuts down transmission needs by cutting distance and it is entirely on the 101 corridors so no property will be taken.  Also Concord is in a dilemma by the closing of their steam plant.

His end of session event had over 50 people!  It is important to be present at public forums and at other candidate events.

Reports from town chairs;

Marge Shepardson– there was a bill tat would have increased REGGI money in 2012.  They are getting the first dollar out of every dollar on this.  They tried to increase.

Marlboro is holding a candidates forum on this coming Saturday at 2:00


Heather Stockwell-June 13th6-7:30 candidates will be there

July 11thSenatorial forum

Wed August 8thGubernatorial Forum


Bob Englund– Hosting John Delany who is the only declared presidential candidate in June. Sen., Kahn, Molly Kelly, Steve Marchand as well as Senatorial candidate Jenn Alfred Teaster   on June 16that Lake Falls Lodge.  Rain or Shine!  This will be emailed to all of the town chairs and Bob asks that this be forwarded to all town committees


Carol Legerewe are having a social this weekend

July 21stwe will have a booth at Old Home Days and would like to have all of our candidates there if possible.


Ann Goodrich-Bazanis working hard at building their organization


Reads a change they would like in the State Party Platform.



Amy Hathaway-Meeting on second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday now.

Held training with Rights and Democracy last Sunday. IN September on the 22ndthey will hold a joint day with Rights and Democracy and MPA. Workshop and lunch.

Terry Clark-The City of Keene is trying to hire an Energy Committee person for the city.  He asks that we call the councilors who are Democrats and ask them to vote for this. (Maggie, Bettina, Steve Hooper, Mitch need to be contacted.

He is going to file for County Treasurer tomorrow.  HE wants to be able to look at prudent sustainable investments.

Points made about the Green Bridge (not a good thing) and ending war.

Report from NHDP

Owen Berger-They will be starting canvassing ASAP.  They will be opening an office near Panera very soon and have organizers by 6/11.  Phone banking as well.  They are looking for staging locations (one off or weekly recurring).  Also, housing is needed for organizers.  He is looking forward to meeting everyone.  Question about new voter registrations, they are working with the campuses to do this but they are open to ideas.  It must the non-partisan.

Secretary report- Posted on line, no questions or changes

Treasurer Report-Transferring accounts to a local bank.

Committee Reports


JoAnn Fenton-Dinner was greatest success financially

Outreach Committees

Heather Stockwell-SB 9 group is meeting

Mohammed Saleh-Lunch group is meeting every fourth Friday.  They are meeting at Chili’s but will to entertain a new location.  They are getting about ten to 14 people.  It is a great way to get to know people better.

Old Business-

None to report

New Business

Jim Smart-Vote for Censure (for copy please contact Secretary). Motion,  to approve made by Jim Smart, seconded by Sue Hocking.  Further explanation as to why Mr. Smart felt so strongly about moving forward on this.

Chris Hanson, Alstead. Further explanation by another guest as to the harm that this vote  is causing. He is a part of the group that stands every Saturday on the common in Keene for peace and feels we need to take a stand on this issue.

Jacki Clearly-She would like peace/stop war as the main objective of our platform.  Children and people are being killed because of our own covert operations. WE need to focus on war and the military and we could be doing so much good by using the money we spend on war.

Bob- Englund wonders of some of this can be put forth to the NHDP platform committee?  It can be

Jay says it is okay to say we are disappointed in the vote of our candidate, but not the current text.  If the text is changed to  “we are disappointed in the vote of our senior senator”  verses censure of our senator it would be more fitting.

Tim wonders if we need to warrant this kind of vote.  JoAnn thinks it is a serious issue and that we need to take time to consider this.  It is not exactly clear what we are voting for.  We do not have a charter that we are trying to change.

Dita would like to table this motion until our next meeting.

Anna Doran advises that many of these facts are not accurate.

Motion to table this until our next meeting in August 18 for, 11 against. We will table this discussion.  Jim Smart will reach out to the Senators office to verify the facts.  Jim feels we would not choose this woman and that it would be better to vote on this now while it is new rather than to wait on this.

Anna makes the point of holding our elected officials accountable and that we should make these corrections.

Tim is not sure we are representing the Cheshire democrats by taking this vote

Bridget suggests writing individual letters to the senator

Dita feels that we need to give our senator the right to explain.

Gentleman from Westmoreland.  Who are we as Democrats is this vote following who we are as Democrats?

Esther-Does anyone knows if Jeanne has put out a statement.


Ann- Ann-CCD will hold a Senatorial Forum on 8/14 at Keene Ice

Meeting Adjourned 7:35