Meeting Minutes – October, 2021

Minutes: Cheshire County Democrats Monthly Meeting in October, 2021

Virtual Meeting : 10/5/21, Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Call  Meeting To Order approximately 6:34.

Introductions, all attendees: In Chat (Name and Town only)

Guest Speakers + Cheshire 9 special election update

    1. Josie Pinto – Representing the Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire 
      1. Discussed codifying Roe to keep reproductive freedom. 
      2. Asked for monthly sustaining donations provided link (see above)
      3. Took question from the group on legislative work
    2. Rep. Joe Schapiro – legislative efforts to implement a dental plan for adult recipients of Medicaid. 
      1. Adult dental benefit for medicaid recipients – NH only has an emergency ONLY plan. Extraction or antibiotic.
      2. Provided a brief history of legislation starting with 2015 introduction and ending with HB103 that was retained last year. 
      3. Asked for attendees to let representatives know this is important.
      4. Questions from attendees concerned economic savings legislation will provide. Rep. Schapiro agreed this was an important facet of the bill.
    3. Andrew Maneval spoke about his campaign – sign up provided in Chat for phonebanking + door to doorvote Oct. 26th for Cheshire District 9

Sub-committee Reports ~ 15 minutes

      1. Treasurer’s report- Shaun Filiault  – $7940 in bank
      2. Communication – Ed Sheldon update – New initiative to moderate video content from county democrats and feed to social media. 
        1. Queried what are towns and active dems doing to move the needle forward? Create a video! Everyone invited to create content.. 
        2. Sign up sheet for video content that aligns with the party – send out over a number of social media channels every Friday.
      3. Fundraising update – Susan – provided number for Spaghetti dinner and donations from dinner. 
      4. Ask for people to join the committee being gathered on how best to spend the money to elect more democrats.

Youth outreach, canvassing – Conor Hill had to leave before reporting. Left contact information in the chat

Candidate recruitment – 

      1. Amy Hathway spoke about openings coming up in 2022 for state reps in Keene & Swanzey. Looking for connections to people who may run. 
      2. Also spoke about down ticket intra-town positions for 2022 to generate a pipeline for statewide democrats elections. 

Reports From Democrats Serving In Elected Office

    1. Larry Welkowitz – new project with Jeanne Deitsch – Granite State Matters Podcast – bring back more liberal values – only one session so far. 
    2. Keene City Councilor Randy Filiault – once again submitted a letter to Keene citing 1967 law states that the amount of funding from rooms and meals tax is 40 cents to every dollar. Keene has received only 21 cents back from Concord. Goes to full council Thursday, October 7th. 
    3. Any other volunteer from the floor – none

Reports From Town Chairs (volunteer from the floor) – none


    1. Talked about redistricting in Keene – Mobilize sign up + talking points – provided link
    2. Follow up Forum with Town Chairs and Elected/Candidate leaders – Aug 17th, 6:30-8:00 PM
    3. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov 2nd, 6:30-8:00 PM (This has since changed to Nov. 9th, 6:30-8:00 PM.)

Open floor –  Questions and comments for committee, elected leaders

    1. Discussed several questions surrounding security at municipal meetings.

Meeting Adjourned 7:56pm.