Notes for Doorstep Chats – II

What about Hillary’s emailing as Secretary of State?

Republicans have demanded spending of enormous amounts of government time and money in questioning Hillary’s use of a private email server for state department business while Secretary of State.   This concern was clearly not about how the State Department, or any government department, should be equipped to handle often very sensitive and urgent issues, but, it would seem, to find fault with a woman whose capacity to encompass detail they find intolerable.  The lengthy article posted below is the result of detailed analysis of the recently available FBI papers about its investigations of this use.

What the FBI Files Reveal About Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

By Garrett M. Graff, September 30, 2016

This account and its conclusions confirm the guesses of many who hold high-pressure jobs in large (and often underfunded) organizations about the frustrations of both urgency and technophobia. It also describes the lag time between the introduction of new technologies and effective regulation of their use.  This account should put to rest the Republican battle cries about Hillary emanating from her email problem –  for those who want to know!