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Part I. Introduction – About this Site

This site is created to help campaigners, candidates, the press and Democrats, their friends and associates access reliable information and commentary about issues that underlie the choices to be made in the November election, 2016. The hope, of course, is that it will facilitate substantive debate – in place of the claims and counterclaims (of uncertain ‘truths’) that increasingly seem to dominate electioneering. Presented here are compilations of articles, believed to be reliable in detail about the issues of particular concern both nationally and throughout the world. All are directly accessible on the web. 

The site is organized by topic in Parts I – X. Under each Part topic heading, an overview of its content is followed by title, author, source and a brief account the article itself. This allows either a quick overview of the contents of each Part or a more studied approach. Many also offer further resources. They are not intended specifically to lend support to either official state or national Democratic Party positions, but simply to provide background for consideration, discussion, debate, letter writing, talk show phone-ins, etc., and, most important, to reinstate belief in the processes of democracy itself and to affirm their citizenship in this democracy by voting knowledgeably! 

The listings come from my own searches for solid, reliable, thoughtful articles published, for the most part, within the last few years. Part II provides sites and sources of various kinds of information believed to be eminently reliable in their responsible reporting. Part III takes up an overview of issues that although of long concern are now of crucial worldwide importance: nuclear weapons and the regulation of nuclear power; successes and failures in taking on climate change, the limits of natural resources on this small planet and some of the consequences of the concentration of wealth, itself a limited commodity, in sustaining a peaceful world, as well as the disintegration of the processes of democracy itself. 

As this compilation makes clear, the future of the world as we know it may now be hanging in the balance, as indeed, may also be our capacity in this election to tip that balance towards wise, intelligent and knowledgeable leadership. 

As for this website, I take full responsibility!

Janet Collett

February 2016