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From Jeanne Shaheen’s Website:

This Day in History: Scott Brown Votes AGAINST Senate Bill to Support New Hampshire Small Businesses

New Hampshire Business Leaders Highlight Candidate Contrast: While Shaheen Voted FOR New Hampshire Small Businesses, Brown Voted AGAINST Them (Three Times)

Manchester, NH – New Hampshire business leaders are today highlighting a key contrast between Jeanne Shaheen, who has always stood up for New Hampshire small businesses, and Scott Brown, who instead has sided with corporate interests on Wall Street. Exactly four years ago today, Shaheen and then-Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown each voted on the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010, legislation written to help American small businesses hire new workers, expand their operations, and sell American-made products around the world. Jeanne Shaheen voted yes, and the bill quickly helped small businesses across New Hampshire. Scott Brown sided with Wall Street and corporate interests and voted no.

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