The GOP 47 and the Clinton e-mail

Dear Cheshire County Democrats and elected officials,

Tuesday I, Bridie Pearce, had a lunch meeting with JoAnn Fenton and Carl DeMatteo regarding our website (, online marketing, and how to make accepting donations via credit card easier when another topic came up. What do you think about the 47 GOP members who signed the open letter to Iran? And how do you feel about Kelly Ayotte’s signature being one of them? That is when I decided that I wanted to address this topic in as clear a fashion as I can. These are MY thoughts and MY feelings and they DO NOT reflect the thoughts, or feelings of the Cheshire County Democrats of New Hampshire.

This week has been fraught with debate over who said what and what happened when and now add to this political mess, the 47 GOP members who signed a letter and directed it openly to the Iranian people. We talk about fairness in this country and we talk about freedom, and yet, we never seem to learn from our mistakes.

I remember not that long ago, the Republicans telling us that Obama is making our country week and undermining us, and yet, just the other day, they not only undermined Obama they undermined the integrity of the United States of America. Here, I sit typing the United States of America and wonder when that was ever actually the case.

Right now we are throwing out dates of what laws went into effect when and what rules or laws have been broken, or even worse, can some people be held accountable for treason under the Logan Act.

I can spew the facts to you just as easily as the next person thanks to Dr. Google, but I, instead, challenge you to think for yourself about what is actually going on and not what we think is going on.We need to present a United front, we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, let’s start growing up and acting like it.

We need to face a few inevitable facts. First; It is too late for the GOP to take back that letter, and for Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to go back in time and decide to carry two, or more electronic devices. What we need to do now is repair our divide.

I wish I knew how to fix this broken mess, we call a government. President Obama has not broken any laws, as he is doing what has been done before him. What does this mean? It means we need to write the laws that make sense. We need to elect officials who do not pander and actually listen to those who vote and of course those of us who volunteer on campaigns at the ground level. You ARE  part of We The People and WE ARE who matter. We are part of the Cheshire County Democrats and we work to help all of New Hampshire and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to have a voice in government and it is time for US to be listened to.

Right now there are several members of the Republican party who believe their own party is broken. I will be the first to admit that, we, as Democrats, are no angels. Everyone tries to get away with something in politics and it is up to us to see it worked out.

So, before we all jump down Senator Kelly Ayote’s throat, (I am one who wants to), and before we accuse Hillary (As a computer systems admin I know what she did is a very grey area), I say, Let’s cut the we will not cross the aisle tape before we try and chop a dresser in half. My grandmother and great aunt did chop a dresser in half because they could not decide who should own it, or in this case further divide this great country before like the dresser it is beyond repair. We need to all sit down and have a Nice Hot Cup of Tea and share a biscuit because you can never be in a foul mood with tea and cookies, plus it will give us time to think before we speak or act and let’s help Obama negotiate what is in all reality a very important treaty with a very strong country.

Let us recognize that it is President Obama’s job to negotiate and it is our job to support him. If we do not like it, then we need to have meetings with him and hold him accountable to US, the United States of America! Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Please help find common ground and help us to show the world we ARE the United States of America and WE will STAND TOGETHER!

Bridie Pearce
Winchester, NH
Registered Democrat and County Campaign Volunteer