There have been a few major changes. We went with simpler and then perhaps build back up slowly to encompass a new direction in user interface.

Please check it out, note the new address (.ORG) which applies to all emails as well (,, etc.) so please take a moment to update your contacts lists, discuss with friends, share on social media to get the word out, send suggestions to our webmaster, Miguel

Come hear all about the changes and a brief walkthrough at the next Cheshire County Democrats meeting this Tuesday, Jan 3rd. We’d like to hear what you think!

Please contact with any questions, comments, and feedback.

Miguel Picanço, CCD Webmaster

PS: For the time being, the Winchester subdomain website is down. My plan is for every town to have a static website to make announcements, etc. for their committee, but as a nested wordpress and without credentials, I will have to start with recreating one for Winchester. Thank you for your patience.