CCD Meeting Notes 10.1.19

CCD 10.1.19

6:00 Call to order

Introduction of members and guests

Introduction of speaker Philip Barker, professor at Keene State.

What norms are and how they guide politics.

Reports form elected officials-

Sen. Kahn and Rep Weber we have a budget.

Tuition freezes, social Ed fund to obligation, Medicaid increases

Housing stabilization, full funding on vocational and dev. occupation waitlist have been funded.  The funding is there, but not yet all of the bodies.  For 1.5 million to recruit mental health workers for Cheshire, Coos and Carol counties.  Cedar Crest will stop paying the Medicaid tax.  Antrim rest station is being demolished, chesterfield liquor store will have a welcome center and made in NH store added to it.

57 vetos in total, keep in mind 398 bills have been sent to Gov. and 345 have been signed into law.  This legislature was very busy and got a lot done!

House Health and Human Services has done a lot to start to get people out of the state hospital and helped to create more psych beds.  Some of the logjam will be loosened so people will not be stuck in er rooms for weeks or days at a time.

Also the vestige of a return to voluntary services to families in crises before they end up in the system for abuse and neglect.  They are frontloading the system to help while families are still intact and keeps kids out of the foster system.

This budget spends more money than the budget first sent to the governor.  The republican Gov. raised revenues upwards, which is extraordinary but done to save face.

The business tax cut will be kept.   2018 business rate, going down for to 7.7 % for bus, enterprise tax.  2021 deductions will not into effect unless the state loses 6%, per or there is a 150 million gain they will receive their deduction.  The possibility is low.  This was a good compromise.

Reports from town chairs:

Ann Goodrich-Bazan, Winchester.  Tulsie Gabard this week Thursday from 3-3:30 at FPU sat 10/12 at the Arlington grand for Klobuchor

11/3 Dan Fetles from 3-5 at Jim Tetraults home.

No reports from state party.

Treasurer report 21K in account.

Sunday 10/27 Bob and Dita will host an event for Jenn Alfred Keester, 3-5

Membership outreach– Tim and Heather have met but nothing to report yet

Governance –Jim things will start up next year.

Communication-Introduction of Nat Stout.  Nat has been working on the website.  There is so much going on in this county that hopefully we can make this a calendar of what is happening in the county.  We want to hear what you are up to, and we would love to have images to show on the website.  The campaigns should give up their information and we can get it up and posted.

Old Business-Location of where we will meet.  We will try to meet at the Old Courthouse in January.  We are looking at this.  No meeting in November, but we will be meeting in the library auditorium in December.

 Guests from the Presidential campaigns;

Taylor Jones from Beto O’Rourke- they want to leave their “spaces” better than they were when they got here. They are looking for volunteering events.

Donald Stokes-Deputy from the Booker campaign.  He will be back sometime this month.  He made his goal, thank you.  Canvassing and phone banking on a regular basis.

JD Brennen -Biden many volunteer events coming up through the next weeks 133 days until the primary.  Phone banks every day

Jim Henry-Tom Steyer campaign.  The voters appreciate all that we are doing here.  Sam Steyer is coming tomorrow at 2; 30 until 4:00, then volunteering at the Community Kitchen.  They are doing watch parties for the debate as well since Tom is in this debate.

Warren campaign-They are here to spread the message of how they can spread her message and improve our lives.  Amika, Claudine and Amanda

Has given up the rest of the county and is strictly Keene

Rachel Julian Castro, looking for watch party locations.  Would like to get involved in the local campaigns.

Jamie, Sam and Colleen form the Pete campaign.  Vists by Pete’s husband last weekend that went very well. Organizations meeting at their headquarters w, t Friday meeting 5:30 PM Knocktober is coming in two weeks.

Tulsi will also be at Keene state on Thursday.

Local candidates;

Randy Filiault-Running for city council.  Make sure to look at people’s voting records.  Go with what they have done. Not what they say they will do.  13 running at large for 5 seats.  The primary will bring it down to 10.

Nat Stout-An independent that is running for city council.  He has been on many city boards and would like to be back on the council.  The cultural norms necessitate him being busy in our culture and trying to make it better

Raleigh Omerand ward one city council, no incumbents. He believes in strong neighborhoods, a cooperative culture.  Has served on the Keene School board an has been a volunteer their as well.  Also a former Stem teacher.  You can check his link and see his business back ground.  He would like to attract people who will come back here and help build a better community for business, school.

Teri O’Rourke independent from ward 2, no voting record. No agenda or platform, she can be a fresh face for the platform

Mitch Greenwald– Running for Mayor.  Hey held a concert on Emerald Street with a great rolling crowd.  Voter information drive.  Yes the students can vote!  He needs sign holders for the primary.  5 wards need coverage from 8 am-7pm.  Also he needs doorknockers.  He has been on city council for 20 years.  He works and does the job and has done so much for our community.  Letter writing is helpful.  Canvass kick-off 10 am at his office this Sunday. Candidate forum 10/25 at the college in the Mabel Brown room.  There may be a Sentinel forum the following week.

We will be stopping the Community Kitchen volunteering due to lack of commitment.

Rights and Democracy is hosting a presidential forum on 10/13 Bernie’s and Tulsi will be there. Doors open at 9:00 buss leaving from Wal-Mart but you need to register   Check Facebook

Meeting adjourned 7:33