2020 Meeting Minutes

CCD Meeting Notes 10.6.20

Ccd Introductions Andrew Maneval new candidate. Emma Greenberg- collaborations on campaign. 28 days. People are engaged we have phone, text banks and lit drops. There will be a tabling program as well. Jay Kahn. - Talking points for candidates.  We have a walking...

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CCD Meeting Notes 6.2.20

CCD 6.2.20 Introduction of guests Ray Buckley speaks about the national convention It’s a rough time to be an American. The pandemic is a tragedy beyond our comprehension. Economic deprssi9n and survival. Then we have George Floyd, our Hearts are tired. There is one...

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Monthly Meeting Notes 3.2020

MEETING AGENDA 3/3/20 6:00 PM CALL TO ORDER- 6:00 PM INTRODUCTIONS-Members, Guests SPECIAL GUEST PROGRAM- NHDP Platform Committee Explanation of platform and rules.  This happens bi-annually. They are on a listening tour to hear what we have to say.  They will take...

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