CCD Meeting Notes 6.2.20

CCD 6.2.20

Introduction of guests

Ray Buckley speaks about the national convention

It’s a rough time to be an American. The pandemic is a tragedy beyond our comprehension. Economic deprssi9n and survival. Then we have George Floyd, our Hearts are tired. There is one true way to create change in our country. Every decent human being should, be sick with what is occurring. Milli9ns of people live in their own bubble. We have got to find a way of connecting with this these people. We need to break through that. We need to be as proud as Ray was in 2008. The money in politics is what ruins our campaigns. The citizen’s decision is what ruined this country. We need to do whatever we did four years ago and double it plus five people. We need to get the senate to save the Supreme Court. We need fair districts. Our challenge is mega if the convention is not in person; they have enough connections with producers to make this a solid event.

We do not know if we can have campaign offices because if the pandemic returns they will have too much money tied up in rent. They are looking at getting a lot of yard signs, which we may have to purchase for Biden. They do have Shaheen and Kuster signs. Visibility may be something that we can do. Also car caravans. Trump has figured out how to make people enthusiastic (like using signs as car flags) this has an impact on low knowledge voters

Messaging this year we have the strongest communication team ever

We should be very proud of the house and senate Dems in office. They make and kept promises Sununu had 57 vetos

Sununu -we need to educate our party on how bad he is. Get the back-stories on him there is a lot of material in real life that makes him a little trump.

Emma Greenberg. introduces herself our new field organizer

Elected officials

Jay Kahn. June 11 the house comes back. The senate will meet prior to this. They will package bills and consolidate them and send them back to the house. Committee omnibus bills as well, like the controversial bills (learn everywhere) There should be two sessions of both chambers before the. End of June.

Paul Berch. They have completed their bills in the 19-hour session. They will need identical versions from both houses in order to get them to the Gov.

The ways and means committee is trying to grapple with projection. We need to make some noise. The revenue shortfalls for this year are 20 million so they will not be able to balance the budget. If the counties do not get relief there will be cascading tax burdens to town and signjficant lowering of services.

Treasurer report. 20k

Fundraising. The spaghetti Dinner is set for 9/19 tentatively. We may be able to do the annual yard sale in July

Postcard campaign. Grandmothers from a brighter future. 25 states. They had group leaders template postcards you use. Done on brightly colored stock. One or more team in each town. We will be working with the coordinated campaign and the Biden campaign.

New business- Jay would like to tell us about his fundraiser on Thursday night.

We need to build enthusiasm for this electoral season.

We need to find out who the young people who are running and get them to speak. Aiden and Conor are trying to get some young folks involved to have a good strong youth base.

Chris Coates invites both of them to his radio show. We need to have a consistent message on and 8n everyth8ng we do because it will get nasty this time.

Next meeting will be on August 4th.

Ann Heffernon