CCD Meeting notes January 2020

CCD Meeting notes January 2020


MEETING NOTES 1/7/20 6:00 PM

  1. CALL TO ORDER-6:03 PM
  1. INTRODUCTIONS-Members, Guests

SPECIAL GUEST PROGRAM- Clai Lasher-Sommers, Executive Director of GunSense Vermont.

Introduction of candidates for Executive Council, District two Craig Thompson and Leah Plunkett

Craig Thompson, state rep from Harrisville and owner of Mayfair Farm, as well as candidate for executive Council.  Raise in minimum wage, our funding runs the lowest for education; we lose a huge percentage of our students as they graduate.  We do not have adequate broadband.  Climate change is our biggest issue.  Our Gov. does not have any experience in appointing govt. officials.

Leah Plunkett-Law prof, feminist activist and mother.  Moving from boards of trustees for non-profits in the state to being on the board of the state. Trustee for Planned Parenthood.  Judicial nomination, contracts, admin agency heads, Working Mom. Radical activism, at UNH Franklin Pierce school of Law.  Built on line hybrid JD program.  This is creating jobs and helping to build the workforce of people who will stay in the NH workforce. Founded Youth law program.  Has published a kid’s book on line privacy.  Activism.


Jay Kahn-120 bills languishing in various committees will be acted on tomorrow.  Emergency risk prevention, guns, commerce, education. Following that the ills are getting numbered and there will be about 1000 new bills.  Learn how to search for bills.  There is no appropriation session, so everything needs to be acted on by May.  There are Charter School bills.  This will be a heated session.  It will take advocated to help push forward legislation.  Letter writing to your officials helps.  He wonders how many people are still not certain whom they are pledging too.  1/25 is a caucus date.  CD 1 and CD2 (congressional district.  A candidate needs to get 15% of the vote to qualify for a delegate.  You can help determine you can run as a delegate, in writing by this Friday.  Or you can show up at the caucus and vote.

Mitch Greenwald-City Council.  A lot of turnover within the council.  Kaye offers up a huge thank you for his service.  The new council seems to be working together well.


Swanzey has a potluck 100 Cran Hilliard in Swanzey

1/18 at the United Church of Winchester

  1. SECRETARY REPORT – Ann Heffernon, Posted
  1. TREASURER REPORT – Frank Dobisky, 21k in account, 1780. Eddie
    1. Fund Raising –JoAnne Fenton, that date of the spaghetti dinner may be 5/30
  1. Reports from Cheshire County Democratic Committee Sub-committees

Membership/Outreach-Heather Stockwell/Tim Butterfield.  There will be a monthly breakfast.  They will be taking this to the smaller towns in the They want to expand this program.  It will be managed by the Outreach within Exec. Committee

Governance/Nominating-Jim Tetreault

We will be working on recruiting people.  Those who will not be running again, we would like to see if you can help us find others to run so that we can have a full compliment of candidates.   He will be working be Lucy weber

Communications-Ann Heffernon, Nat Stout Ann still needs help.

  2. Update on Moving Monthly Meeting to the Courthouse – Details will be posted.Second floor of the courthouse.  Handicap parking best accessed on center St. Next meeting is on 2/4

Reports from Presidential Primary Campaigns

Sanders-Will three months, but worked here last fall.  Samantha organizers for Sanders. Office is at 294 West St and they will have watch party

Warren-Amanda and Amika, Thank you for everything and she likely will be not here at the next meeting.  Open house on Thursday at the office.  Their campaign is very invested in the community. Elizabeth will be in Milford on Friday.

Yang –Drew, new to the area, just here independently to help out.  He finds us to be very nice.  we all want to make the county to be better.  Andrew is in Nashua. Yang will be in Concord on the 9thand Peterborough soon

Klobuchar-Gabrielle.  Two months in field office at 43 Main St I Keene.  Maria is Regional.  Watch party next Tuesday at 7:00 16 Bradford rd.  Amy will be back I Keene prior to the primary.  Maria- we are all working towards the same goal and need to be friends.

Meet & greet Sunday at the community Kitchen 12-2 for Cinde Warmington

Pete-Carl is surrogate.  Every wed, they have something on 39 central square at 6:00 Phone banking and canvassing as well.  Town hall on fox later this month.

    1. Community Kitchen Volunteers –?????2/5 Barbara, Holly,
    2. Upcoming Events –
    3. Next meeting – Tuesday, January 7th