CCD Meeting Notes 12.3.19




MEETING AGENDA 12/3/19 6:00 PM


  1. CALL TO ORDER- 6:00 PM


  1. INTRODUCTIONS-Cinde Warmington, candidate for Executive Council, District 2. Attorney fro Concord, Chair of Platform committee


  1. Reviews contact over 10K all nominations this is a critical position someone who can uphold our democratic ideals. ”. Cinde Warmington, candidate for Executive Council, District 2 A gerrymandered district. This election is about all of us coming together and speaking our values.


Introduction of Will Pearson, at large rep from Keene NH.  “The history of the primary in NH”.  Three terms on election committee. Gardner has been a champion of this issue since he filed in.  Economically this is important.  There is a lot of money in this.  Also there is a statutory obligation to back this up.  Being democrats is so easy right now because of the values we espouse.



Bob Englund.  Cheshire Commissioners are beginning meetings with the county delegation, this coming Monday for four or five weeks and they will work through the county budget.  2 to 3% increase due to the new courthouse.  Things are going very well.



Nothing to report.



Chloe Singer, outreach Director for us.

Delegate process.  This does not work well for Cheshire County.  Caucuses have to be in a central population location.  North franklin, south Hillsborough.  They are looking at a location that can hold every caucus together.  They are looking at Colby Sawyer, or NE College.  Everyone gives a speech; each candidate is allowed eight delegates.  Once the primary happens they re allocate all votes above 15% or more, to  the top vote getter. There are 5 automatic delegates.  They do not vote on first ballot, they vote on second vote.  There are a lot of delegates that may not have a candidate.  These people do not need to release their delegates.  Pseudo delegate.  Candidate drops out before election, as a delegate you can vote for whomever you want to.  There are flyers available for this process.  This will be emailed out and the process is up on the NHDP website.


  1. SECRETARY REPORT – Ann Heffernon we honor Christine House with a moment of silence.


  1. TREASURER REPORT – Frank Dobisky No outstanding checks, Balance in account 21,619.52


    1. Fund Raising –JoAnne Fenton May 23rd will be the 2020 Spaghetti dinner


  1. Reports from Cheshire County Democratic Committee Sub-committees

Membership/Outreach-Heather Stockwell/Tim Butterfield

Nothing to report

Governance/Nominating-Jim Tetreault

Nothing to report

Communications-Ann Heffernon, Nat Stout

Suggestion that old information be taken off page




Possible locations for the monthly meeting-Kathy O’Donnell

We had feedback that this was not the best venue.  They looked at the Old County Courthouse, County Hall, This is a good location for a meeting, there were copious legal questions, so this has gone to the NHDP and they will be looking at this.  There is no fee for this location.



Reports from Presidential Primary Campaigns

Warren Campaign-Amika, Amanda and Abby-Friday Elizabeth will be in Peterborough.  We are 70 days out.

Buttigieg-Colleen, Jamie and Sam Baker Much room for group. Pete will be here Thursday at NE College, and Milford.  There are a number of events coming up.  Weekly meetings at 39 Central Square, come by anytime, canvass daily and weekends

Booker-Conor Canvassing, phone banking much volunteer work this month in the spirit of the season.  Relational growth meeting.

Sanders –Mohammed They have several organizers.  He can channel anyone to the appropriate person for canvassing etc.

The  Office is on West Street at Panera plaza


    1. Community Kitchen Volunteers – ?????
    2. Pitch for volunteering at the community Kitchen. Special thanks to the Booker and Warren campaign for helping out with this.
    3. Upcoming Events –

Next meeting – Tuesday, January 7th, our speaker will be Clai Lasher-Sommers This meeting will be at the Library


Meeting Adjourned 7:15