CCD Meeting Notes 6.4.19

CCD Meeting Notes 6.4.19

CCD June Meeting

Jay Kahn-

12.9 billion dollar budget.

Education house passed a capitol gains tax to get 2 million of spending.  The Senate is using other tax corrections to get here.

This Bill contains: 164 Million of additional funding for public schools. The senate has 94 million for this purpose.  There is municipal aid for this as well.  This is based on a poverty index and the numbers are lining up.

3.1 % each year for Medicaid increases.

Secure psych unit was not funded in house, 25 new beds, 40 million, and new kids beds as well.  This should address the backlog.  This will send patients to the appropriate place.  No child will be more than an hour away from a mental health unit.

Full restoration of funding, kindergarten, fiscal capacity disparity addressed by a host of towns that are underfunded on a per capitol basis.  Social Ed is fully funded.  University is having is its first increase since ‘15 as well as community college.

Current provider tax at Cedar Crest is having the provider tax eliminated.  A designated receiver facility at Cheshire Med, Debt relief to recruit health care providers.  1.5 million set aside for coos, carrol and Cheshire.

This commission will do great things to help address the funding issues.

Bill 360

Heath care, childcare and education are the things they are trying to address.

You should call your senators on this since it will be a straight party vote.

The education trust fund has been spent down.

Provider tax is an intermediate care facility tax, there is no compensation for this and they are the only facility in the state that was paying this.

Jay will hold a 6/28 fundraiser at Pappagallos 5:30-7:00.  25.00 donation.

You can be passionate about your candidate, but Carl reminds us to be civil to one another and after the primary, we will all need to work together to remove the current president from office.

Speaker is Nicole Hager.

Elected Officials-

Nothing to report

Town Chairs-

Stoddardwill be having an event this summer.

Dublin will be doing a candidate info event on July 20th

SwanzeyDems will be meeting at Angies Pizza in Swanzey at 5 PM on the 29th

7/20, the Swanzey Dems will have a booth at Old Home Days, All political reps welcome

Alstead will have a meeting on 7/15 and they are planning a garden event for August or September

Winchester -Tim Ryan will be coming to Winchester this summer

John Pavlovitz event next Friday

Candidate Representatives:

Ann Gardner for Michael Bennet

Connor Jue from Cory Booker

Emmy Cory Booker

Cole Reihl Mayor Pete’s camapaign

Amanda   Knightly for    Eliz. Warren

Nick from John Delaney Campaign

Doris Donelan Julian Castro

Sohan Deputy State director for Beto O-Rourke

Meeting adjourned 7:35