CCD Monthly Meeting Notes 1.2.18 

1.2.18   Cheshire Democrats January 2, 2018

Call to order 6:03

Reports from elected officials-

Chuck Weed legislation opens tomorrow and will be voting on the sb (voting bill). They deny that it is a poll tax, but if you do have a car here you will need to register the car within 60 days. This is a poll tax according to Chuck. It will effect the next election for sure. The Gov. has said he will of sign this bill but who knows. Please call your legislator and tell them not to support it.

The school voucher bill is also coming up tomorrow. Disclosure for elections and marajuana bill, as well as a paid medical leave.

The County commissioners want to defeat Mcos for elderly. There is no profit in our nursing homes, and this will diminish funding. Kirk would like to prevent this. It will affect managed care in the nursing homes.

Candidate recruitment; Carl forwarded information to the town chairs from Erin at the NHDP earlier this week regarding getting candidates for the upcoming election year. Please let us know if there is any way we can help.

Don Stokes will be moving from NHDP to Joyce Craig’s staff so Erin will be taking over this position as well.

Secretary’s report; (Ann will start posting the notes for each meeting prior to the meetings on the website).

Treasurer’s report; Jim Tetrault. We have $9192.50 on hand in account. Yard sale raised $754.00. In February on the 17th we will have a Chinese New Year party.

Spaghetti dinner will be on May 12th or 19th at the Best Western.

Introduction of our speaker Steve Marchand.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM