CCD Monthly Meeting Notes 5.1.18

CCD Monthly Meeting Notes 5.1.18

Cheshire County Democrats

Call to order 6:00 PM


Introduction of speaker; Mark Fernald

Mark discussed values, and the NH constitution of 1774. We live in the myth that we are geniuses in terms of raising money (sweepstakes, liquor, meals and hotel etc.) these taxes do not cover our expenses.  We put $3800.00  (Charter schools get  $6600 PER STUDENT) towards each child, but we spend $115K per child for education purposes.  Property tax bill has more than doubled since 200 0adjusted for inflation and state general revenue sources have gone down.  They are lower than 2000 with a much higher population, four times higher than the economy in that time period.  The state has been downshifting costs on to towns.  Revenue sharing, paying for the elderly,

The poor people are way over taxed.  Rentals are paying property tax.

Elected Officials Reports-

Jay Kahn

Capitol Gains tax has been killed in this session.  Child welfare and amount of spending.  The house has removed a lot; they will try to replace it.  Election law 1264 he thinks will pass the Senate and they will have a conference committee to help make it acceptable to the governor.  School choice savings accounts are up tomorrow.  If it gets to the Senate it will pass..  It will be close in the House.  

He will have 9 bills passed.   The Gov. has added something to one bill that will expand all licensure without any study.  

Broadbandbill passed, therapeutic marijuana dispensary in Cheshire county,  and emergency management services.  Single county audit act.  If you check his Facebook page this will all be there.  

The election day ill has been terribly tinkered with and needs to be defeated. Property tax relief.  School aid continues to drop 

Jay feels that the Gov. answers will be to give more money to the schools for hardening schools.  (They are trying to start a Moms demand action committee locally) They are having an action day tomorrow.

Delmar Burridge-Red Flag bill. Addresses the mental health issue and addressing what the NRA is telling people to do.  They assess the mental health of a person and take it to judge and then the guns can be removed from them.    Cannot be filed until September.  

 Anna Tilton-There is a transfer tax that has been whittled away. They wanted to give a one-time transfer tax to new owners.  This would reduce county $.  Meaning more taxes.

Town chairs-

Stoddard-Bob Englund.  Jen Alfred Teaster is running for Senate from his district.  She is smart and highly motivated.  Try to meet her at the Spaghetti dinner.  She will come to one of our meetings.  

Dublin- Heather Stockwell They are meeting on a regular basis

Swanzey-Carol Leger

Keene-July 21 Kayaks for candidates event

Progressive groups

MPA-Heather Stockwell They had a great Medicare for all event.  She will no longer be chairing this group.

9/22 Summit workshops of a variety of topics and an event in the evening.

Report from NHDP-

Erin Turmelle

Emma Tyler will be organizer

Will Pisano will be support 

2018 will look different.  This is the first year since 94 that we do not have a major election, we will have less staff.  We can focus on the great candidates thar are running for local election.  We can focus locally and make up for the last few elections.  We will have strong field staff.  Erin has taken the strategic plan that she discussed with us and keeps working with us using that.

She has a Town Chair guide that can walk a new chair through all of the processes that they need to know.

Secretaries report.  Posted and emailed.

Treasurer report-amounts listed.  Jim Tetreault has offered his resignation as Treasurer.  He will be working still as an active member, just giving up this part of his job.

Committee Reports;

Fundraising-JoAnne Fenton.  Spaghetti dinner is 5/19 at the county club.  We have 7200K in sponsorships and have sold many tickets already.  (102).  Several towns are reserving tables; please let JoAnn know ASAP who is at your table.  US Congressman Tim Ryan will be speaker.  If you are not able to come, please consider purchasing a ticket and donating it to a person who cannot afford to go.

Communication Ann Heffernon– We will be changing to PayPal for on lines sales.  All changes to web are up and running and the new website support is working out very well.

Membership outreach-Nothing to report

Voter alliance   Heather Stockwell. – SDN9 voter alliance has a committee from all the towns in the district.  They have a plan in place for when they have a nominee


Candidate recruitment- Bob Englund– Nothing new to report.  He is working with Lucy Weber on this.

Lunch group-Mohammed Saleh.  He has started up the group again.  They will be doing this once a month, but it may vary.  He needs some help organizing this.  Hey may have a weekend breakfast or brunch so that we may move town to town and get more people engaged.  They are currently meeting at Chili’s on Friday’s.  

Welcoming of new members!

TCK-We have more than enough volunteers!

Next meeting Tuesday 5th

Motion to move, meeting adjourned 7:20