Meeting Minutes – January, 2022

Meeting Minutes for 1/4/22 CCD Monthly Mtg – Virtual Meeting

  • Mohammed: call to order /welcome and commented on earlier visibility action around SB607 on the Keene Central Square earlier in the day.
    • Asked for Intros with Town in the chat
  • Guest speaker introduced by Mohammad – John Mann spoke about energy efficiency and the benefits of having your home buttoned up. The discussions reviewed some basics of getting a blower test and subsequent work to button up homes and other buildings. He spoke to the common good of having people feel warm in homes as well as the economic benefit. He addressed some questions from the floor during Q&A.
  • State Reps report
    • Jay Kahn – spoke about education and other bills of interest he has sponsored.
  • Town Chairs Reports
    • Swanzey – meeting this Sunday at 2:30pm add the website calendar
  • Committee Reports
    • A- Fundraising – Sue – update on fundraising as well as how to spend the money – will be discussed more during town chairs meeting
    • B- Candidate recruiting – Kathy – not able to attend meeting tonight
    • C- Communications – Mary discussed the new website and asked the local committees share information and make suggestions for improvements. Send comments to
    • D- Treasury– Shaun
  • Announcements
    • February Monthly meeting 2/1/22
    • Forum for state reps and town chairs 01/12