Meeting Minutes – November, 2021

Agenda and Minutes: Cheshire County Democrats Monthly Meeting in November, 2021

Virtual Meeting : 11/9/21, Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 pm

  1. Call  Meeting To Order – Mohammad called the meeting to order a few minutes after 6:30pm.
  1. Introductions, all attendees: In Chat (Name and Town only); please update name if using another person’s zoom account
  1. Election updates
    1. Cheshire 9 Special Election (Andrew Maneval’s campaign)
      1. Mohammad thanked volunteers for hard work during election.
    2. Municipal Election in Keene (Shaun Filiault – 3 minutes) – not present – Addison made the announcement for Keene election.
      1. Keene Dems aided municipal elections
      2. Announced winners and thanked volunteers for their help.
  1. Update from Senator Hassan’s Campaign – Emma Greenberg  (3 minutes)
    1. Made announcement that Gov. Sununu stated he will not run for senate but will run for another term as governor.
  1. Tonight is Krystallnacht; Agenda shifted order to accommodate.
  1. Reports From Democrats Serving In Elected Office
    1. State Senator Jay Khan
      1. Discussed school board issue.
      2. Reviewed a few of the 26 Sponsored bills – some will try to undo what was done last year. Gives another chance to back away from stances.
      3. Organic farming Bill (with Weber) – NH Department of Ag. abandoning certification and hurting local farmers who depend on this certification. Bill will try to help by bringing back NH organic certification.
      4. Bill for matching funds for flood relief. (ex. Ackworth)
      5. Amendment to community power HB315 to help counties adopt community power.
    2. State Rep. Joe Schapiro
      1. Dental Benefits for adults Medicare – meeting that came to compromise with GOP bill.
      2. Went to health and human services – amended bill 19-1 vote. Encouraging vote and hopefully will continue.
      3. Discussion of school board issues locally.
    3. State Rep. Lucy Weber
      1. Traditionally republican town residents voiced concern that redistricting commission wasn’t fair and open. Not simply a democratic issue.
      2. Reviewed proposed maps and affect on Cheshire Co. Provided links to learn more from statehouse via chat.
    4. Anyone from the floor?
      1. Questions and discussion around topics covered by elected officials.
  1. Guest Speaker: 

Jonah Wheeler (Introduction by Amy Hathaway) (15 Minute)

Q&A (10 Minutes)

Jonah gave a heart felt speech about his roots and his beliefs, and took questions and comments from the attendees.

Many thanked Jonah for his words, asked questions, or commented about portions of the speech.

  1. Sub-committee Reports ~ 5 minutes
    1. Treasurer’s report- Shaun Filiault – Mohammad reports for Shaun who was unable to attend $11,350 expenses under $500.
    2. Fund Raising update – Susan Hay – we need more funds especially from sustaining donations of any size
      1. Formed a committee to recommend how to spend the dollars raised. How to we invest these dollars to most affect.
      2. Have had two meetings. Talking to other county committees. What are they thinking about expenditures of funds for elections?
        1. All thinking about how to be most impactful.
        2. When asked the question where they spend their money? Ans. All within the county or state. No federal dollars.
        3. Would like to go on the road and visit town’s meetings in county to share our thinking and get input from towns.
        4. End of year recommendations will be presented by then.
      3. Food Bank – Cheshire Co. Dems Fb page – Andrew Maddison put out a reaction that food banks are coming up short this year.
        1. Group talked about this – thinking of this as support to people in need. 
  1. Reports From Town Chairs:
    1. Carol Leger: Swanzey – not present – attendee from Swanzey shared an event coming up for Carol.
    2. Anyone from the floor? No one.
  1. Announcements – Mohammad
    1. NHDP Convention on 11/13, Saturday
    2. Co. Follow up Forum with Town Chairs and Elected/Candidate leaders – Dec 8th, Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 PM – NOTE since rescheduled.
    3. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 7th, 6:30-8:00 PM
    4. Mohammad thanked Gene Feltus for all his work.
    5. Sue asked that Mohammad about the convention + the deadline for the vote for the changes to the constitution. Discussed deadline for voting and offered any help in understanding the two changes to the constitution being voted on.
    6. Announced breakout rooms will return next meeting.
    7. Discussion back to maps + where to find
      1. Lucy discussed the difficulty with finding and accessing maps through the legislator.
      2. Mohammad remarked on how much Lucy helped him understand the maps.
      3. Reach out Brian Biehl from Open Democracy for maps
  1. Open floor –  Questions and comments for committee, elected leaders – None.
  1. Meeting Adjourned at before 8pm.